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Our Projects

Thank you for taking an interest in our projects.

They vary in size and scope and are in various degrees of completion.

At WDTSF corp, we believe in the power of imagination, innovation, and collaboration.

Our Projects page is a testament to our dedication to pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable experiences in the context of theatre, stagecraft, and multimedia fusion.

Click on the images to learn more about each project and immerse yourself in the creativity and innovation that defines WDTSF.

Magic Quartet

Toronto's most eccentric magicians unite for an unforgettable live show. From Mark Lewis's classic charm to Sean Rooney's balloon mastery, Jeff Hinchliffe's secrets, and Dr. K's mystical compositions, prepare for mystery, laughter, and pure magic. Don't miss the debut at the Ontario Historical Society on June 3rd, 2024!

Niagara Falls Nikola Tesla Festival

The Nikola Tesla Festival at Niagara Falls celebrates the inventor's legacy and achievements with electrifying displays, workshops, and exhibitions in mid-July, honoring his pioneering work in hydroelectric power.

Railroad! The Musical

"Railroad! The Musical": Join Li Shao and James Strobridge in a journey of friendship and collaboration amidst the challenges of 1860 America. Witness the resilience of early Chinese immigrants and Irish workers as they unite to build the first American cross-continental railroad. Through captivating storytelling and soul-stirring music, celebrate the triumph of the human spirit in "Railroad! The Musical."

Super Spy Showgirls - A Musical Comedy

"Super Spy Showgirls" is a comedic satire musical inspired by the true stories of resilient Ukrainian theater women turned spies. Invited to North America by a Broadway producer, they discover his secret spy ring and embark on a hilarious mission to infiltrate the Kremlin and end the war. This uproarious romp blends laughter with espionage, promising a delightful and entertaining theatrical experience.

Dr.K's Imaginarium

"Dr. K's Imaginarium" is the ultimate YouTube channel for kids and youth, offering an engaging blend of education and entertainment. Join Dr. K on a magical journey through music, magic, science experiments, history, and archaeology, making learning a fun and exciting adventure for young minds.

The Lucid Fantasium

"Dive into 'The Lucid Fantasium,' a gripping tale of skepticism turned belief. Follow an investigative reporter's journey from doubt to awe as they explore a secret cult of magic-mushroom worshiping lucid dreamers. Prepare to be captivated by mind-bending visuals and a narrative that challenges perception."

Lost World Legends

In a submerged world of lost history, treasure hunter Kong embarks on a quest for an eccentric old man, leading him to uncover ancient civilizations and enigmatic creatures hidden beneath the ocean's depths, in 'Lost World Legends'.

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